25 August - 3 SeptemberHötorgsterassen


How do we create a more diverse city by examining ingredients? The design and art platform Underverk has teamed up with meal ecologist Ayhan Aydin and Deriva Paper to create a set of five immersive dinners that will explore ingredients through the city of Stockholm. From August 25 – September 3 Taste Shop  will take over a container on Hötorgsterassen with the aim to create a new type of eating experience using all our senses. Prepare for getting immersed in thought-provoking conversations and one or two surprises. 

"When spending a lot of time exploring the texture and taste of crops, you start to understand how much the cultivation process matters," Ayhan Aydin says. "In order to get a more complex and alive food culture, the biological diversity is key. A carrot does not just have one type of flavour, there are variations, sometimes so small you hardly notice it. But if you give enough attention to it, you will start to appreciate it."

While Ayhan Aydin has been busy foraging wild bird cherry flowers in Fittja together with experience designer Josefin Vargö, trend analyst Jonna Dagliden Hunt has called for more conversations around the future of food, and editor of Deriva Paper, Helena Öhman, has wandered the streets of Sibirien and Hötorget trying to find new ways of exploring the city through our senses. The result? Taste Shop – Dinners!

All you need to know

Choose to attend Taste Shop – Dinners on August 25, 26, 30, 31 or September 3.  You will be served a three course dinner paired with drinks at a cost of 500 SEK. The dinner is suitable for vegans. Report allergies to

FYI: If you are having troubles buying your tickets through the event site, it's also possible to email to book a spot, swish the ticket amount 500kr to 0736795410 and we'll send you a receipt.

Underverk was created because we felt Stockholm lacked a platform that initiated meetings between people through experience design. With our curated programmes, we present innovative, sensorial and interdisciplinary work. Together with Deriva Paper we explore a similar perspective through the lens of psychogeography: the exploration of the small details in a city, a great way to also view ingredients.

On the roof top in between Hötorgsskraporna 1 and 2, next to the Concert Hall, you'll find Hötorgsterrassen. Last year it opened again for the public after being closed for about 40 years. This green urban park offers a great meeting spot accompanied by food trucks, after works, music workshops, markets and much more. You'll find more information and calendar here.  



Ayhan Aydin
Meal Ecologist


Ayhan Aydin is a meal ecologist, with an interdisciplinary approach to food systems. His work aims to interconnect the relations and paths between natural science and social, cultural and aesthetic aspects of food. Through a critical view on gastronomy he hopes to create a discourse and practice that are beyond how we normally experience the culinary arts, thus always aiming to challenge the participants' perspectives.

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Josefin Vargö
Curator at UNDERVERK

Food & Experience designer

Josefin Vargö is a curator and an experience designer with focus on food and social interaction. Besides running Underverk, Josefin collaborates with many different artists and designers producing work for clients such as Nike, Brooklyn Brewery, Converse, Norah, AWB, Media Surf Communications, Häberlein & Maurer, The Singleton, Roskilde Festival and Byggstudio.

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Jonna Dagliden Hunt

Trend analyst

Jonna Dagliden Hunt is a Stockholm- based freelance journalist, editor and lecturer. Besides running Underverk, she is currently the Director of Discovery at Another Tomorrow where she heads up the trends department. Her clients include: The Guardian, Monocle, Dagens Nyheter, Icon magazine and Plaza Kvinna. 

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Helena Öhman
Co-founder Deriva Paper

Editor Deriva Paper

Helena Öhman is Editor and one of three team members behind Deriva Paper – a magazine focused on discovering cities through senses, instinct and emotions. Together we will discuss how food, cities and sustainability can work in unison. 

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